AN 'AMAZING' and 'well-loved' dad who was able to spend the last few days of his life in the comfort of his home thanks to his devoted daughter has died.

Leslie Pimlot, known as Les, died peacefully at his home in Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, Corwen, on September 25. He was 65-years-old.

Les's stepdaughter Rachel Acton called on the community to help her get her father home in early September; Les, who was diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain tumour in 2022, had spent more than four months in Wrexham Maelor Hospital. 

Problems in obtaining a care package had prevented Les being discharged from hospital. However, Rachel, who has been supported by close family friend Susan Boswell, didn't stop fighting to bring her dad home and eventually the pair got their wish. 

Following an article in the Free Press, the community also rallied behind the family and Rachel was inundated with help [strong people offered to carry Les up the stairs upon his return home. Rachel also obtained a wheelchair friendly vehicle as well as lots of other offers of support].

Rachel said: "On his first night home, Les enjoyed one of his favourite cigars, ice cream with Baileys and pizza. All of his favourite things. 

"The first morning I woke him up and asked him if he was happy to be home? He said he was 'so happy and comfy,' and he was 'loving' getting a steady flow of dogs around him."

Les was one of 11 children. The family lived in Wolston, Warwickshire, before moving to Harborough Magna, also Warwickshire. As teenager, he helped families on their farms.

His sister Angela remembers Les climbing onto the back of one of the horses and being thrown off! 

Les later obtained a job as an apprentice farrier. This was when the family moved to Coventry. 

Les worked shoeing horses around Coventry and Warwickshire and built many friendships through his work. 

Kim Rowley, who has known Les for 45 years, said: "I was 12 and he used to shoe the driving horses that I rode for a man called Bill Edgington in Bulkington. When I first met him I was scared because he used to say in a gruff voice 'I'm going to marry you' then he'd laugh and we've laughed about that loads of times since. 

"He has been my Shoey (Shoey Les) for all that time and he was the best blacksmith I've known. I've seen him hang on a front leg while the horse was rearing up trying to get away. He made it look easy.

Denbighshire Free Press: Les in his younger daysLes in his younger days (Image: Photo submitted by Rachel Acton)
"The world was a better place with him in. He was one of life's characters that can't be replaced and who I was privileged to have known."

During his time working as a farrier, Les was once kicked in the head by a horse and from that point, sported a horseshoe shaped scar. 

Although Les never married, he met his long-term partner Shirley and her daughter Rachel through shoeing their horses. 

Les, Shirley and Rachel moved to North Wales; Les had a caravan on the coast. 

Rachel said: "He loved spending time in the caravan with his dog, Fly."

Sadly Shirley died after a battle with terminal cancer.

Les decided to stay in North Wales and lived with Rachel.

In March 2022, after initially being diagnosed with sleep apnea, doctors discovered that Les had a Grade 4 brain tumour. Les underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy and had surgery to remove part of the tumour. 

However, the tumour grew back rapidly. 


With the help of the Welsh Ambulance Service and staff at Wrexham hospital, Les was finally able to return home to be with Rachel and his dogs on Friday, September 15. 

Friend Susan said: "I've had many chats with Les, visiting in hospital, hopefully cheering him up, bringing photos. He chatted with me a lot.

"He was a kind caring man and will be deeply missed.

"It was an honour to see him return home and the delight it brought Rachel and the family.

"I'm honoured to have been part of this."

Rachel expressed her thanks to the nurses, Marie Curie, carers, ambulance staff, occupational therapist, and GP Dr Dewi Griffiths and everyone else that has supported Les and the family. 

A funeral for Les will take place on October 12 at 1.30pm at the crematorium in Wrexham.