THIS week the spotlight is on Sacrament Tattoo Collective in Rhyl who are marking 17 years in business!

Sacrament Tattoo Collective is based in Rhyl by the train station at 29 Bodfor Street. The studio was established in 2006.

Chadley Jones, owner, said: "My dad opened the shop in 2006 under Rising dragon. In 2015, he moved to Benidorm with my mum, opening a new shop and handed the shop over to me so we have just had our 17th year open!

"We provide the highest standards of tattoos in all styles and the best quality piercings.

"We are family friendly as we all have partners and kids so we know for some people childcare can be a nightmare.

"We are also a safe space in Rhyl for anyone feeling overwhelmed and wants to just come for a sit down or a chat."

Talking about his proudest moments over the years and achievements, Chadley said: "Our proudest moment is currently being Rhyl's longest established tattoo studio with over 17 years trading. I am very proud of that and at 20 years, I think we will throw a party!

Denbighshire Free Press: Chadley Jones with shop friend Daniel TaylorChadley Jones with shop friend Daniel Taylor (Image: Chadley Jones)
"Achievements wise, we do a charity event nearly every year. This year we are doing a toy drive for kids at Christmas time with North Wales Superkids.

"I am always proud of the shop’s achievements, no matter how big or small, we are more like a family than a work force."

From a young age, Chadley has visited tattoo shops.

"I've always gone from a really young age with my dad," he said.

"I used to always look at my grandad's tattoo and my dad's and I loved them. Funnily enough I didn’t want tattoos when I was a kid, I just liked the look of them, but now am covered!

"I love the shop and the guys that work here. I have a good bunch of friends as well as work colleagues and my wife and son help me out a lot as well.

"Sometimes business can be tough, especially in the winter, but they all chill me out and keep me from going mad.

"My passion is film though. I have made two short horror films this year and put on Rhyl's first horror film festival 'Rhyller Thriller' - that was a massive success! So I am a family man who loves horror films and tattoos and is very grateful for the friends and family he has."

Asked if there is anything else our readers should know, Sadly said: "We have some major news coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!"

Sacrament Tattoo Collective: 29 Bodfor Street, Rhyl; 01745 369397 /