Tens, tens, tens across the board!

Venue Cymru is staging a hit-feelgood musical that can't help to infect audiences with its positive messages of acceptance and self-belief.

The story behind "Everybody's Talking About Jamie" continues to enthral audiences after more than a decade.

Originally aired as a documentary in 2011, it transformed into a musical by 2014 and later hit London’s West End.

The show eventually reached a broader audience through a UK tour and an Amazon Prime film release.

And now the show has arrived at Llandudno to bring joy to audiences there.

The narrative follows teenager Jamie New during his GCSE year, as he undergoes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, buoyed by six-inch heels.

Although firmly centred on Jamie, the smartly-written musical also imparts lessons from those around him.

Incorporating Dan Gillespie Sells’s heart-wrenching and wildly catchy tunes, this musical left an indelible impact on its audience on opening night in Venue Cymru.

Filling the high heels of the titular character is Ivano Turco.

The fourth actor to take on the role on stage, a lineage that includes current Strictly star Layton Williams, the success of the show rests firmly on Turco's shoulders.

Turco is a star on the rise, and they pull it off with aplomb, sashaying across the stage while balancing the sass, energy and vulnerability need for the audience to fall in love with Jamie for the show's two hour plus runtime.

But this isn't a one boy show, the ensemble is fabulous, from Jamie's classmates to his drag queen mentors.

The story also gives time to the aspirations and sacrifices of supporting characters, namely Jamie's mum Margaret and bestie Pritti, portrayed through stand-out performances by Rebecca McKinnis and Talia Palamathanan, expressed through emotional and memorable songs He's My Boy and It Means Beautiful.

Although there are poignant, sometimes dark, moments, the show really shines in the upbeat numbers which recount Jamie's journey of self-discovery such as Work of Art, Everyone's Talking About Jamie, and Out of the Darkness (a Place Where We Belong).

Sometimes threatening to steal the spotlight from Jamie, is Shobna Gulati, of Dinnerladies and Coronation Street fame, who's performance is a highlight.

Darren Day too impresses as faded drag queen Hugo who's light is reignited when he is drawn into Jamie's journey.

For afficionados of the art, the show's drag performances may seem a little restrained, but this is "drag embryo" Jamie's stage.

If you get a chance to see the show, you will be talking about Jamie. Whether it's Turco's authentic and believable performance, or why you can't get the songs out of your head.