HOMES and businesses were left without electricity after a power cut this afternoon (December 11). 

The outage, that affected most of Ruthin, lasted more than two hours. 

One person told the Free Press earlier today: "Power is off in both Tesco and Aldi. There are big traffic queues outside Tesco."

ScottishPower said they had no advanced warning about the power cut.

In a text message to residents, on the priority service register, the company said: "We had no advanced warning of this and first became aware of it at 12.35pm. Our engineers arrived onsite to find and fix the fault as quickly and safely as possible."

Power has now been restored.

Cllr Anne Roberts, mayor of Ruthin, said: "It lasted about two and a half hours. It was quite unexpected as far as ScottishPower were concerned, I think.

"I cannot fault their service as, because I am on their high risk register because my husband is vulnerable, I received two texts updating on progress which I was able to share on Facebook.

"I cannot fault them, it must have been serious, as the whole town appeared to have been affected.


"Businesses were also affected, but they put messages out on social media to explain the situation."

A spokesperson for SP Energy Networks said: “We apologise to customers for any inconvenience. A fault on the network caused a loss of supply in part of the town.

"Engineers were quickly on site and all customers were restored in one hour and 45mins.

"The fault has been repaired and the network is now running as normal.”

The following postcodes were affected: L13, L131DJ, L131EF, L131EW, L79NE, LL15, LL151AA, LL151BB, LL151BJ, LL151BL, LL151BN, LL151BW, LL151BX, LL151FB, LL151FD, LL151FE, LL151FF, LL151FG, LL151HW, LL151JG, LL151JZ, LL151LB, LL151LD, LL151LE, LL151LF, LL151LG, LL151LH, LL151LJ, LL151LL, LL151LN, LL151LP, LL151LQ, LL151LR, LL151LS, LL151LT, LL151LU, LL151LY, LL151LZ, LL151NA, LL151NB, LL151ND, LL151NE, LL151NF, LL151NJ, LL151NR, LL151NS, LL151NT, LL151NU, LL151NW, LL151NY, LL151PA, LL151PB, LL151PD, LL151PE, LL151PF, LL151PG, LL151PH, LL151PL, LL151PQ, LL151PW, LL151QH, LL151QW, LL151RG, LL151SB, LL151SL, LL151XX, LL151YU, LL152AA, LL152HE, LL152PQ, LL152TN