AMBER Davies’s mum and nan have spoken of their pride after seeing their ‘girl’ make her Dancing on Ice debut.

Susan Davies and Jeanette Griffiths were in the audience, at the purpose-built rink at Bovingdon Airfield near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, on Sunday.

Amber, who is from Denbigh and attended St Asaph’s Ysgol Glan Clwyd, not only made her debut but was ranked second on the leaderboard, with a score of 25, and was first to be saved from next week’s skate off.

Speaking to the Journal and Free Press on Monday, nan Jeannette said: “It was so exciting. I think I lived a dream.”

Denbighshire Free Press: Ricky Hatton with Amber's Nan Jeanette!Ricky Hatton with Amber's Nan Jeanette! (Image: Susan Davies)
Susan said: “We are exhausted today! It was such an adrenaline rush.

To be honest they have always made us proud [Amber and her sister Jade] but on Sunday night, I was just on cloud nine. It was so lovely.

“We received the invite from ITV, so you are a priority - you don’t have to queue which is really nice. It is a purpose built place. When you go in and you see all the lights and the ice, honestly - it’s brilliant. A brilliant experience.”

Susan said West End star Amber was nervous but changed her way of thinking ahead of her performance.

Denbighshire Free Press: The purpose built Dancing on Ice setThe purpose built Dancing on Ice set (Image: Susan Davies)
She has been paired with skating pro partner Simon ProulxSenecal.

“She is such a perfectionist and she wanted to get it perfect and she said at the beginning of the week, this at the moment.”

After the show, Susan and Jeannette met with the rest of the celebrity contestants.

“I spoke to Ricky Hatton and my mum had a picture with Ricky Hatton!” Susan said.

“We spoke to Ryan [Thomas]. We know Ryan, Scott and Adam anyway so we were talking to them just chatting and catching up. The whole group is just a lovely family.

“Behind us in the audience was Greg’s [Rutherford] family.

Denbighshire Free Press: Ben Joyce, Amber's boyfriend, with Amber's mum Susan and nan Jeanette - sitting in the Dancing on Ice audience!Ben Joyce, Amber's boyfriend, with Amber's mum Susan and nan Jeanette - sitting in the Dancing on Ice audience! (Image: Susan Davies)
“It felt surreal to be there, I feel I should write a book!

“And as Mum said, she felt she was in a dream.”

Amber won’t be dancing this weekend.

The split premiere of Dancing On Ice on Sunday saw six celebrities take to the ice for the live show.

Next week, radio presenter Adele Roberts, EastEnders star Ricky Norwood, actress Claire Sweeney, TV personality Miles Nazaire, comedian and writer Lou Sanders and ski jumper Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards will take to the ice for the first time for the series.


Susan said: “We will be going again. I’m going the week after, then her dad, then I’m going again with my mum.

"So we have got opportunities as long as she stays in - vote to keep her in!

“She said the amount of support she has had has been unbelievable. She has worked hard to get where she is.

"Simon has had to follow her around the country so they could practice. He is French-Canadian so he is over specifically to do this show. He has been so patient and she said yesterday, he had been her rock.”

Susan said she didn’t want her daughter’s performance to end.

She said: “I could have watched her for another 10, 15 minutes. They were so elegant together.

“I was so disappointed when it ended, it went so quick, you build yourself up to it. I just hope that she goes out on the ice every week and enjoys herself and shows what she can do.”

Jeanette said: “Amber is gorgeous and I love her to bits, she makes my life worth living – both of them. I am so proud."