AN ONLINE meeting space that offers opportunities for creative people to develop "cross-discipline events" and meet others from the arts industry will be go 'live' soon.

Ruthin Arts Network will launch officially at the Old Courthouse on Thursday, February 22 at 7pm.

During the special evening, the new RAN website -, will be showcased and explained.

The website is designed for singers, writers, actors, musicians, artists and more – to enable them to promote their events, collaborate with other artists, and benefit from an online meeting place.

RAN has been set up by Tim Baker, Mike Van Der Eijk, Diana Sanders and Patricia Sumner. Tim has a background in theatre direction, Mike is a playwright, town councillor Diana is a composer, musician and poet and Pat is a poet, children’s author and editor. 

Tim, chairperson, said: “Creating an online meeting space that offers opportunities for creatives to develop cross-discipline events and to meet people they wouldn’t have met otherwise is going to be such an advantage for the town. It’s also a chance to promote the Welsh language, history and culture.”

Mike, treasurer of RAN, said: “Our aim is to give a listing of creative people in and around Ruthin in order to create opportunities for collaboration and sharing. We’ll also have links to social media platforms to aid communication. We want to promote a sense of community through taking part in cultural activities.”

The group has been helped by Haydn Peers, of Snowdon Digital, who have been designing and building the website for artists.

Those that live in Ruthin, are involved in the life of the town, or use Ruthin as a hub are welcome to register on the site free of charge.

Creatives can register in one or more relevant categories – anything from guitarist and singer to photographer and film-maker. They may also register as a professional, semi-professional or amateur artist.

Organisations (e.g., choirs, photography clubs and drama groups) can register on the website too, as can venues who may be interested in hosting events.

People will be able to advertise and promote their events via the website and can arrange to meet, share ideas and create successful performances and exhibitions.

Anne Roberts, mayor of Ruthin, said: "This idea, by Ruthin Arts Network, is excellent and something we have needed for a long while. It is well known that there is a wealth of local talent in Ruthin and the surrounding area, and this is a way of creating a go-to reference point, not only to advertise this talent, but for others to be made aware of what is on offer. Well done RAN."

Kate Hill-Trevor, High Sheriff of Clwyd, said: “The arts hold immense importance in enriching human experiences and fostering cultural, emotional, and intellectual growth. They allow individuals to convey thoughts, emotions, and ideas in unique and diverse ways. Moreover, the arts play a pivotal role in shaping and reflecting societal values, providing a platform for dialogue across diverse communities which helps social cohesion and understanding.


"I am therefore delighted to hear about the forthcoming launch of the Ruthin Arts Network which will help people connect over a range of art projects and encourage more people to engage in this sector of activity. Well done to all involved.”