A CARING community has rallied round to support a bride-to-be after her house was damaged severely in a tumble dryer fire.

Emma Vaughan, of Denbigh, had gone out to work when she was told her house was on fire on Wednesday, March 6.

When the mum left her home she had turned the tumble dryer off and had opened the door to let it cool.

Emma, 49, said: "When I was getting ready to set off for work I turned off the dryer and opened the door. I assumed it was fine as it was off. 

"Both my partner, Euros Jones, and I were at work when the neighbour spotted the fire. She rang my partner's place of work to let him know who then rang me to get home as I was in the area.

"I was in absolute disbelief. The fire had been contained in one room but the heat melted the windows in the other rooms and there is smoke damage through the entire house."

Denbighshire Free Press: The tumble dryer is completely destroyedThe tumble dryer is completely destroyed (Image: North Wales Fire and Rescue Service)
Emma, who is getting married on March 28, was informed by the fire service there had been another two tumble dryer fires that week - one in Buckley on March 3 and one in Ruthin on Wednesday, February 28 in Graigfechan.

"The wedding will still go ahead," Emma said. 

"Nothing in the house that is wedding related was damaged as it is still with the dry cleaners. We have lost a couple of sentimental items."

The fire service told Emma that the fire might have occurred due to her stopping the dryer mid-cycle. 

"I didn't let the cool cycle run which I was unaware of," she said. 

"We are not able to return home at the moment. It is probably going to be several months until we can.

"The community have been amazing to us. I have met many neighbours that I didn't know and they have offered to take in washing and help with anything we need.

Denbighshire Free Press: Damage to the propertyDamage to the property (Image: North Wales Fire and Rescue Service)
"We were due to have our family at home on the evening of our wedding and a neighbour has offered to open up his house to us and put up a marquee. 


"We have now made alternative arrangements.

"We would like to say a huge thank you to all who have offered us support. We literally can't keep up with all the messages," Emma added.

"It has been the most emotional time of our lives. Our children [the couple have five children between them] and family are in disbelief at the mess of our home. 

"I was surprised there had been another two fires in the same week, that is why I feel it is important to get this message out.

"I have spoken to many people who do the same as us."