READERS have been getting in touch to share their views as over 450 people exceeded the 20mph speed limit in Wales during February.

The majority of residential roads throughout Wales changed from being 30mph to 20mph last September.

This was, according to the Welsh Government, to help 'save lives'.

But, the move has been heavily criticised by members of the public, politicians and more since it was introduced.

An 'engagement process' was launched in January of this year between North Wales Police, GoSafe and other relevant authorities to ensure drivers were sticking to the new limit.

In January, 272 drivers (of 10,000 monitored) were found to be exceeding the speed limit and two were prosecuted.

In February, that figure rose to 460 (of 14,874 vehicles monitored) being caught exceeding the speed limit, with seven people prosecuted, GoSafe say.

Others caught opted to take part in an 'engagement session', to avoid any form of prosecution.

Ahead of the March figures being revealed, readers have been giving us their views on the speed limit.

Sian Thomas said: "Its like being in a covid bubble again. I'd say majority of road users are not abiding to it. 20 is fine near schools and certain streets but on a main road such as Wrexham Road, if someone's sticking to the 20 limit and under then its like a domino effect and it makes the majority of road users very naggy."

Marty O'Sutton told us: "I pop over the border in to Wales regularly and in my experience, hardly anyone is driving at 20 mph. They might as well send prosecution notices to every driver in Wales as a pre-emptive measure because they’re all going to break the limit sooner or later. And then we have the roadside indoctrination! Chat to us and agree with us or we’ll prosecute you!"

Darren Robert added: "If people actually drive at 20 it would be acceptable however the vast majority are doing 16 mph when they are being obedient."

Glyn Jelley wrote: "Snails everywhere, even in a 60."

Adam Williams said: "Driving in Wales now is a very unpleasant experience but at least doing 20 you can spot all the potholes."

Mark Platt said: "Imagine it's 1970 and you watch a Sci fi film about the year 2024 with flying cars jet packs, travelling around the world just by the power of your mind. The 2024 arrives and you get prosecuted for doing over 20mph!"

Kim Davies was on the other side of the fence. She said: "If you don’t stick to the limit then you pay the price. And it’s extremely naïve to blame (Mark) Drakeford for it. He wasn’t a dictator. If people drove the right speed in other areas such as 40 and 60 that would be a massive help. That is where the problem is."

John Holiday added: "They (the Welsh Government) did what they considered best for the wider community, not just the supposed requirement of a few noisy and selfish drivers."