THE STATE of a road leading into Denbigh has been labelled “disastrous”, with the road posing dangers to drivers in the area.

The A541/A543 between Tremeirchion and Denbigh, particularly by the crossroads for Bodfari and Trefnant, has seen several parts of the edge of the road break away.

The crumbled concrete has formed ruts and depressions, which resident Frank Jordan says are proving “disastrous” and “terrible” for drivers, particularly those unfamiliar with the road.

Denbighshire Free Press: Damage to the road.Damage to the road. (Image: Frank Jordan)

Describing it as a “busy road” following the collapse of a nearby bridge three years ago, Mr Jordan said those in smaller vehicles could face hazardous journeys.

“The bridge is out of action - as a result, all the extra traffic is coming through our village now, and heading to Denbigh,” he told the Free Press.

“Because the big vehicles pass each other, tractors are making these big ruts either side of the road now which are a foot deep.

“If you’re in a small car and you get pushed off the road, it can be disastrous.”

Denbighshire Free Press: Damage to the road.Damage to the road. (Image: Frank Jordan)

Mr Jordan said the problem the road posed was felt by “lots of people”, and that those who got caught in these ruts were often unable to get out.

He continued: “Because it’s narrow in parts, If you’re passing a huge tractor you’ll find that the tractor moves off the road - it will crumble the tarmac and push itself into the mud, making a whacking great big rut.

“My daughter has had trouble there, my wife was pushed off the road the other day

“If you haven’t got a big car it could be disastrous, if they push you off the road, you’re sunk, you can’t get out.


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“My daughter had to replace a spring at her M.O.T. last year and I think it’s as a result of the state of the road.”

He said “nothing is getting done” about the issue, despite himself and other residents raising concerns with the council more than six months ago, being told at the time that the condition of the road was being monitored.

The council said that the condition of the road was a result of harsh winter weather, for which it had provided cones.

It added that teams would be returning to the site to continue maintenance work.

A Denbighshire County Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of the area of road that has been damaged during the harsh conditions over the winter period, and cones have been placed around the impacted area for safeguarding and visibility.

“Crews will be tasked with returning to the site as soon as other priority work is complete to continue this work.”