DENBIGHSHIRE councillors claimed more than £5,400 in travelling expenses in 2023-2024.

In a list of expenses claimed by councillors published at the end of the financial year, a table shows twenty councillors claimed £5,463.68 last year for travel.

£4,317.18 of the £5,463.68 was claimed by eight of Denbighshire’s 48 councillors.

Expenses are claimed in addition to a councillors’ salary, which vary from the basic salary (in 2023-24) of £16,545.03 to the leader’s then total salary of £46,454.03.

Amongst those who claimed were lead member for the environment and transport Cllr Barry Mellor, who claimed £815.90; deputy leader Cllr Gill German, who claimed £798.85; Cllr Alan James, who claimed £697.78; Cllr Hugh Irving, who claimed £452.25; and Cllr Elen Heaton, who claimed £430.80.


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Cllr Julie Matthews, Cllr Peter Scott, and Cllr Karen Edwards claimed £408.15, £396.65, and £316.80 respectively.

The full figures can be viewed here

No councillors claimed for subsistence.

Councillors who claimed travelling expenses:

  • Cllr Brian Blakeley                         £153.30
  • Cllr Ellie Chard                                 £16.20
  • Cllr Ann Davies                                £28.80
  • Cllr Meirick Lloyd Davies             £26.55
  • Cllr Karen Edwards                        £316.80
  • Cllr Justine Evans                            £72
  • Cllr Gill German                              £798.85
  • Cllr Jon Harland                              £79.80
  • Cllr Elen Heaton                              £430.80
  • Cllr Hugh Irving                               £452.25
  • Cllr Alan James                                £697.78
  • Cllr Diane King                                 £93
  • Cllr Julie Matthews                        £408.15
  • Cllr Barry Mellor                             £815.90
  • Cllr Win Mullen-James                  £306
  • Cllr Pete Prendergast                    £47.90
  • Cllr Arwel Roberts                          £48
  • Cllr Peter Scott                                £396.65
  • Cllr Tony Thomas                           £87.75
  • Cllr Andrea Tomlin                         £187.20