An increase has been seen in the number of formal complaints received by Cyngor Gywnedd  this year –  but the number going to the Ombudsman has decreased slightly, the council claims.

A report noted that the” pattern or  trend” over a longer period, shows the number of formal complaints reduced gradually between 2018/19 and 2021/22 when it had “increased significantly.”

The response times in dealing with complaints also remained “consistent” at seven days (8.6 days in 2018/19).

A “change in culture” with council’s services  was also observed, with complaints now received in a “more positive and constructive way,” to learn from them, and with the response times reducing.”

A “success wall” was also cited, and had seen a large number of “thank yous and compliments” from the public –  1,242 since 2015.

“Seeing the public’s appreciation is a great help in raising staff morale, especially front-line staff,” the annual complaints and service improvement Report 2023/24 stated.

The report will be presented at the council’s next cabinet meeting in Caernarfon, on Tuesday, May 14.