An unknown graffiti artist has painted a series of rainbow-coloured genitals around potholes to highlight the worsening state of roads in the Ceiriog valley.

The road between Pontfadog and Dolywern was tagged by an unknown artist with a series of rainbow-coloured phallic designs – highlighting the poor state of the surfaces in the area.

The artist has painted a variety of designs - all around the same crude theme - around potholes that measure around a foot long in some cases.

Local resident Jill Thorburn was the one who found the graffiti said she wasn’t surprised someone had done this as the roads have been in poor condition for a long time.

“The state of our lanes in the Ceriog Valley are disgusting,” said Jill.

“As a resident with disabilities each time I leave my home I have to bounce for a mile along something that barely resembles a lane.

Denbighshire Free Press:

“Everyone in our lane has complained to Wrexham Council and they just fill the worst of the holes to shut us up. Last time they did this recently the men were instructed to fill the holes up to our house only to try and placate me.”

Other residents backed the graffiti one said: “I think drawing 'd***s' around potholes is hysterical...shame that it had to come to this to get some action.”

Another agreed and added: “That’s one way of getting the potholes done. I bet the council will be out double quick.”

Other found it sad that it required action such as this were necessary for it to get attention - “It’s funny, but also not funny at all. What will it take to improve our roads?”

Another pointed out that it was a country wide issue- “I have struggled to find any roads in good shape, the problem is not confined to our Valley, Wrexham or Wales. The whole of the UK roads have been underfunded for years.”

The Advertizer has approached Wrexham Council for comment.