RESIDENTS of Denbighshire may have their bin collection days changed when a new recycling system comes into effect across the county next month.

From Monday, June 3, residents will be required to separate their “dry” recycling using a new three-tier “Trolibocs”, which has been delivered to households since late February.

The new service, which is 55 per cent funded by Welsh Government, will also see the scrapping of the blue wheelie bin.


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All of the county’s residents who will be on the Trolibocs service will soon receive a letter with information about the new recycling and waste service, which will set out:

  • What their collection day is (some collection days may change).
  • When their first recycling collection will be.
  • When their first non-recyclable collection will be.
  • When to put out the spare wheelie bin for collection.

In addition, residents can discover when their bin collection days will be from June 3 using a function on Denbighshire County Council’s website -

For the residents whose first non-recyclable collection date falls beyond the first four-week period, arrangements have been put in place for a one-off additional collection.

Information about the date of this additional collection will also be in the letter they receive.

Despite facing some criticism for the change of system, the council believes it will benefit the environment because it will increase recycling rates and the quality of recyclable materials to enable them to be made into new products.

The council also said it will be cheaper to run than the current service, so will provide better value for money to Denbighshire residents.

It will also create 27 new jobs, and expand four businesses on the Colomendy Industrial Estate in Denbigh in building its new waste depot.