A NORTH Wales Police inspector has said that “only one isolated incident” has been reported to the force regarding a gang of youths “making life a misery” for residents in two Denbighshire villages.

Denbighshire county councillor Chris Evans claimed last week that, in Rhuallt and Tremeirchion, youths have been slashing tyres, vandalising property and threatening residents.

He added that some residents now feel too frightened to go out of their homes in broad daylight.


Denbighshire residents terrified as gang of youths cause havoc in quiet villages

Following Cllr Evans’ comments, Inspector Nathan Harvey, of North Wales Police, said the force has increased its presence in the areas concern.

Inspector Harvey added that he has also spoken to Cllr Evans since he made such comments.

He said: “I would like to reassure the local communities that only one isolated incident has been reported to us. This was on May 20.

“There was no report of a knife having been involved and we are continuing to investigate this incident in which a man was allegedly verbally abused.

“As a result of this, we have increased our presence in the area.

“I have spoken to Cllr Evans; we are keen to work together as partners within the community to ensure residents feel safe.

“I would urge anyone who has been involved in, or witnessed any incident, to report it to us on 101 or on our website. Always call 999 in an emergency.”

Cllr Evans also said last week: “Young lads and girls are out late at night, and they are wrecking properties. They are going into people’s gardens.

“They’ve smashed a mirror on someone’s drive. Last Monday or Tuesday, a resident was verbally abused by a young lad.

“The lad squared up to him, and the resident came to me, and that’s in the hands of North Wales Police now.

“He went on to say some youths were also ‘smoking drugs and leaving drug paraphernalia in the bus stop and the old Rhuallt school’.

“They’ve smashed all the windows at the side of a house. They are playing chicken in front of vehicles, shouting abuse, harassing families. North Wales Police are shrugging their shoulders, but it needs to stop.

“Residents don’t feel safe. Most of my residents are over 60 years old, widowers and infirm people. People don’t feel safe going out in the street at 3pm in the afternoon.”