The new owners of Pool Park Estate in Ruthin are appealing for the community to help piece together the history of the country house and former asylum.

Andrew and Louisa Godfrey purchased the estate through their Denbighshire-based Godfrey Group in 2023 and are currently restoring the 26-acre site as a leisure and hospitality venue.

As part of their revitalising of the estate, they hope to bring together the story of Pool Park in one place, from its days as an asylum when it operated as a sister site to the Denbigh Asylum, to tales from the Bagot family's time there dating back to the 1800s, to local folklore stretching back into the mists of time.

So they are asking the public to send in their stories and memories of the estate. It's a project that has already begun with local schools exploring the site to uncover aspects of its past and follow the progress of the development, but now Andrew and Louisa want to build a complete history of the site.

"We’ve had a number of people getting in touch already to tell us interesting stories about the history of this amazing building," said Andrew, Managing Director of the Godfrey Group.

"As we restore the estate to its prime, we’re keen to know more about its role in the local community over the years.

"We’re finding lots of interesting things as we work, including an 11th century Celtic throne, beautiful carpentry in the old stables, an old tennis court, and even a 17th century sundial.

"We’d also like to know what was originally grown in the curved walled garden."

Local resident Rhian Davies contacted Andrew after her mum, Heulwen Williams, discovered an old sales document relating to the Estate.

Rhian, who fell in love with Pool Park as a young child, said: “My grandparents lived in Ruthin, and I remember glimpsing the house through the trees when I was eight or nine and on my way to visit them. 

"I thought at the time that it looked like a fairytale house, a magical place in the woods. It was so beautiful and in a peaceful setting surrounded by trees where you could hear the birds singing.

"My mum was having a bit of a clear out and she found a sales booklet for the estate dating back to the 1920s. It lists all the properties that were then part of the estate and there are some very interesting pictures.

"We think my grandfather saved it originally as he used to love going round the local auctions. When we heard that Andrew was looking for memories connected with the history of Pool Park we got in touch to see if he would like it. Mum was thrilled when he did!

"We think it’s great that the estate is being restored. I’m looking forward to seeing it come back to life."

Louisa Godfrey said: "We were delighted to hear from Rhian and her mum Heulwen. It was very kind of them to donate the sales booklet to us."

If you’ve got a memory or photographs that you would like to share, you can email

For anyone interested in the history of Pool Park that the Godfrey Group has compiled to date, former headteacher Louisa will be giving a presentation on Sunday, June 30 in The Old Court House, Ruthin as part of the Ruthin Festival.