A school in Denbigh has raised more than £1,000 for charity after they hosted a 'purple day.'

Pupils, teachers and staff at St Brigid's School recently participated in the 'Purple Day' extravaganza to raise funds and awareness for the Epilepsy Society.

The event was filled with games, sweets, cakes, and handmade craft stalls, culminating in a grand total of £1366.22 in donations.

Funds were raised through various activities organised by Year 13 pupil Emily Johnson, who was diagnosed with drug-resistant focal epilepsy seven years ago and experiences multiple seizures daily.

Ms Johnson, despite her daily battles, is focusing on applying for university and plans on becoming a teacher in the future.

Denbighshire Free Press: Headteacher, Leah Crimes (standing) and Emily Johnson (seated) on Epilepsy Awareness ‘Purple

The Headteacher of St Brigid's School, Mrs Leah Crimes, was wholly supportive of the endeavour.

Ms Crimes herself was diagnosed with epilepsy while studying at the same school in the 90s, and, similarly, dreamt of becoming a teacher.

Encouraged and looked after by her then Headteacher, Sr Elizabeth Kelly, she was able to make her dream a reality, returning to St Brigid's as a Headteacher in 2020.

She is said to be "brimming with pride" to support Ms Johnson,

The event was a proud moment for both Ms Crimes and the school as it raised significantly more funds than the £190 Ms Crimes raised during her own fundraising efforts as a pupil.

In light of the successful event, St Brigid's School is hopeful that a representative from the Epilepsy Society will join them in celebrating their achievements.

They encourage everyone to participate in their own 'Purple Day' to raise both awareness and much-needed funds for epilepsy charities.