A warm tribute was made to North Wales councillor Winifred (Win) Mullen-James.

The popular long-serving Rhyl councillor was praised for her “dedication and service” at a Denbighshire County Council licensing committee meetingon Wednesday.

At the council’s Ruthin County Hall HQ, Cllr Bobby Feeley described the late Cllr Mullen-James as intelligent, stylish, and kind. Cllr Mullen-James, who served as mayor twice, sadly passed away last month after a long-term illness.

Addressing the licensing committee, Ruthin councillor Bobby Feeley paid tribute to Cllr Mullen-James, saying she was a ‘rare person’ who’d given years of dedicated service. “I would like to say a few words about our former member (Cllr) Win Mullen-James, who sadly passed away,” Cllr Feeley said

“This is the first time the committee has met since the sad passing of Cllr Win Mullen-James. I would like to pay tribute to Win for years of service and dedication. Win was one of those rare people, and I mean that, which nobody had a bad word to say about.

Cllr Feeley added: “She was good at her job, intelligent, unruffled, stylish, and above all kind and thoughtful. We will miss her.”

At the same meeting Cllr Andrea Tomlin nominated Cllr Bobby Feeley as chair of the licensing committee.

This was seconded by Cllr Hugh Irving and agreed. Cllr Hugh Irving was then nominated as vice chair.