A COUPLE of people were banned from Rhyl Library for taking drugs at the premises, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed.

This ban was enforced on March 1, 2024 for a period of three months, applying only to Rhyl Library, which is based on Church Street.

The Journal/Free Press asked Denbighshire County Council to disclose the number of people banned from its libraries since 2021, as well as incident description pertaining to each ban.


Opening hours at libraries in Denbighshire set to change

In response, the council said that three bans have been issued at its libraries in that time, including the two at Rhyl Library earlier this year.

A third ban was imposed at Denbigh Library, on Hall Square, on April 1, 2023 for “inappropriate behaviour” which was said to be “alcohol-related”.

Again, this ban applied for three months and only to Denbigh Library, rather than all of the county’s libraries.

The council changed its library opening times as of June 1 following numerous responses to a public consultation to fit each individual library’s needs on a case-by-case basis.