Sailors have been left baffled by after coconuts were washed up on the shores of Bala Lake.

Clare Gwinnett and her partner Nick Watson - who are members of Bala Sailing Club which is based on the lake - were shocked to discover a bounty of coconuts had drifted up to the sailing club barrier, on the Bala side of Llyn Tegid, after heavy rain last week.

Ms Gwinnett said: “We went to check the water levels of the lake and check on our boat after it had been raining so much. Imagine our surprise when we saw the coconuts - last time I looked, we are quite a way away from the Bahamas.”

It is unknown how or why so many of the exotic fruit found their way onto the lake on Saturday November 25, or how long they’ve been there.

Ms Gwinnett speculated: “The only thing I can think of is the funfair that was in town a few weeks ago.

“I don’t know if they even have coconut shies anymore and why would they dump the fruit when so many of them are still intact? I’ve cut up a couple of the nuts for the wild birds - a lot seem to be full of milk.”

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