A woman from Llandrillo has braved poor weather, twisted ankles and even being knocked unconscious so she can walk 1,000 miles in 2017.

Wendy Phillips decided to take the challenge on to help with her physical and mental health at the end of 2016. Now, some 940 miles later she is perched on the precipice of completing the challenge.

Wendy said: “I’ve just done a couple of miles today, it’s a year long challenge, and I’d just thought I’d take it up, try and get a bit fitter and try and enjoy my hobby, which is photography.

“I realised I was able to do it, so thought I’d find a charity to support. I wanted something local, so I picked one in the community, so I’m doing it for the church in Llandrillo.

“I’ve got about 60 miles to go, so it’s achievable now.”

Wendy has walked in all weathers, racking up around three miles a day in order to inch closer to her 1,000 mile target. Wendy says it’s something she’d recommend to anyone.

She continued: “There was an incident where I slipped and knocked myself out on a post and came round in the mud – I didn’t know how long I was out for, and I’ve twisted my ankle and knee, and I’ve had a bit of anxiety and depression so it’s been hard to force myself to go out, but doing it for charity gave me more of an incentive to get out there.

“The plan is to finish it off between Christmas and New Year, I might invite people out to join me for my last lap.

“I walk to work, walk back, and the dog needs walking as well, he’s a German Shepherd-Husky cross so he needs lots of exercise.

“It’s about three miles each day so I’d recommend it, it’s very achievable. If you miss a day you can catch up.

“I’ve used a Fitbit to add up my miles so then that’s my proof of what I’ve done. The number of times, I’ve left it at home by accident or it’s run out of battery, I must’ve done over 1,000 miles by now, but I’m sticking to what’s logged on the Fitbit. It’s achievable for everybody if you can make time.

“I’ve raised about £145 so far, but it’s definitely helped my health and mood, you feel so much better after going out. It can be a bit of a struggle in bad weather and you think of all kinds of excuses, but once you’ve gone you’re glad you did.”

The Rev Sandra Roberts, vicar at St Trillo, said: “We are extremely thankful to Wendy for thinking about our Church, and fundraise for us.

“The church is always grateful for the kind donations that people give. We’re currently fundraising for a toilet and a new kitchen.

“Those facilities are essential for us to continue with our lively children’s club, and in order for us to properly serve this wonderful community.”

Those wishing to help Wendy Phillips in her fundraising activities can donate can do by going to https://www.justgiving.com/

fundraising/wendy-phillips11 or by sending donations to Wendy Phillips 1000 mile Fundraiser, c/o The Vicarage (or Ardwyn), Llandrillo, Corwen, LL21 0SW.