A lamb's head has been found on a country lane near Chwilog, with its body nowhere to be found.

The lamb's head has been identified as belonging to a farmer from the Dolgellau area.

Manager of the North Wales Police Rural Crime Team Rob Taylor said he has never seen an incident like this before.

Speaking to the Pioneer, he said: "It's very strange. It is tagged and it’s been worked out that the lamb belonged to a farmer from the Dolgellau area who was overwintering his sheep.

"It was found at about 10.30am on Monday, January 8, by a local farmer. It hadn’t been there long as the farmer’s son had travelled the same road earlier that morning without seeing anything.

"Also, the eyes were still present so hadn’t been touched by a corvid (crow). I would expect that it (the body) was stolen for meat but I haven’t got a theory as to why the head was found in the middle of the road.

"It's a very unusual case. Obviously someone has slaughtered the lamb to take away the body but left the head."

Anyone with any information is asked to call North Wales Police on 101.