TWO opportunists are making the most of the aftermath of Storm Agnes and attempting to break the UK distance record by gliding over 1109km.

Chris Gill, 31, and Simon Grice, 53, from the Denbigh Gliding Club, are taking on the challenge today (September 28). 

The route will start in Denbigh and take in the Lake District (over Irish Sea), South Scotland, North Yorkshire, back to South Scotland and finally, Cambridgeshire.

Simon said wind speed will "vary" depending on height but could be up to 70 knots.

In a statement, the pair said: "As the saying goes, 'every storm has a silver lining', and for the PIONEERS project, Storm Agnes may have provided the perfect conditions for this daring flight. The turbulent weather left by the storm is anticipated to create the ideal atmospheric conditions for high altitude gliding.


"This attempt is not just a personal challenge but the pinnacle of the PIONEERS project, a documentary that seeks to put North Wales on the global map as a hub for gliding. By showcasing the sport and the region, we also hope to boost the local economy and tourism.

"The PIONEERS documentary will delve deep into the world of high altitude gliding, with a special focus on North Wales. It will offer insights into the historical, current, and future facets of high altitude gliding, aiming for a global audience."