Hedgehogs often have a difficult time during the autumn months, and often face danger around Bonfire Night.

The animals may seek out shelter inside bonfires which are built in people's gardens, which are then tragically set alight with them still inside.

Back in 2018 it was reported by the New Scientist that Britain's hedgehog population had dropped by 66 percent in the last 20 years.

Therefore, on occasions like Bonfire Night it is important to look out for the animals before getting your bonfire lit.

Tips for protecting hedgehogs on Bonfire Night

1. Check the area for hedgehogs before lighting the bonfire or any fireworks

2. If you do find a hedgehog in your bonfire or nearby, put it in a carboard box and take it well away from any fire. You can release it back into the garden when the fire is out and dampened

3. Don't start building the bonfire until the day you plan to light it. This means there is less of a chance of hedgehogs using it as a shelter.

4. Don't build the bonfire right next to buildings, sheds, fences and hedges where hedgehogs make their homes.

5. Don't use flammable liquids, and avoid burning things like aerosol cans, paint tins or foam furniture

6. Never put any fireworks - even spent or non-functioning ones - on a fire