This week is National Vegetarian Week and for those who are fully fledged vegans, veggies or what is known as “flexitarians”, McDonald’s is the place to be.

For this week only, select vegetarian menu items will be reduced to just 99p on specific days. This includes the popular McPlant burger.

Watch Jack and Michel Whitehall try the McDonald’s vegan burger

Comedian Jack Whitehall has teamed up with McDonald’s to share why everyone should adopt a “flexitarian” diet, capturing a hilarious video of his parents trying the McPlant burger.

The video shows that despite Jack’s best efforts to persuade his father to adopt a flexitarian diet, Michael responds with his typical no-nonsense approach.

Jack orders a McDonald’s and as the trio chow down, he reveals it’s not actually meat but in fact a McPlant - to Michael’s horror! Now dubbed ‘McMeat Free Mike’, by wife Hilary, they all enjoy the taste of the plant-based burger.

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week, customers can find some great deals on vegetarian foods this week, including Veggie Dippers, Veggie Deluxe and McPlant, all for 99p.

All deals are available exclusively on the McDonald’s App, simply download it here to redeem the latest offers. 

McDonalds Vegetarian Week deals

  • May 16, 99p McPlant
  • May 18, 99p McPlant
  • May 19, Veggie Deluxe
  • May 20, 99p McPlant
  • May 22, Spend £20, Save £5
  • May 23, Veggie Dippers