A popular TikToker has been forced to apologise for a video shared of a fruit review.

Sophiena_Official often posts videos on the social media platform taste testing various fruits and products.

A since deleted video has seemingly caused backlash for the creator, leading to an apology video being released addressing the situation.

The video showed the creator 'taste testing' Durian, a large tropical fruit known for its strong odour. 

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At the start of the video she says, “I’m doing this video in response to the taste testing video that I did on the fruit yesterday.

“I’m aware that the taste testing video has hurt and upset people. People have found it disrespectful and for that I am sorry.”



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In the video, she describes a request to go to an Asian supermarket to taste a particular type of fruit.

Her review of the fruit displaying a negative reaction received backlash.

In the video, she said: “I’m sorry that people have been hurt by my actions that was never my intention.”

She continued: “I’ve received countless amounts of hate, death threats to me, my children, my family, all because of my reaction.

“I just want to say that was never my intention. I was never out to hurt, upset, diminish anybody.”

Users of the social media platform filled the comments section with support, citing the hate as “silly”.

One user wrote: “I grew up in Asia and we always knew when it was durian season! It’s a love it or hate it fruit! I honestly don’t know what you did wrong.”

Another said: “Don’t worry about it – we don’t all like the same things. The worlds gone a bit silly.”

Another simply wrote: "Soph, you're allowed to not like fruit..."

The taste testing video has since been removed by the creator, but supportive comments flood her recent posts.