An off-duty St Asaph paramedic has sprung to action, saving a life - 35,000 feet over the Atlantic ocean.

Jason Williams, of the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust, was on a flight to Cuba with his family when his speedy actions saved a passenger from choking and managed to avert an emergency landing.

Mr Williams recalls: “We were a couple of hours into the flight when one of the flight attendants went past our row with a first aid kit, and that’s when I noticed a commotion a couple of rows down.

Mr Williams, from Ewloe in Flintshire and based in St Asaph, had previously worked as clinical operations manager at the Wales Air Ambulance for four years before he took up post as a community first responder officer.

Mr Williams added: “Prior to me stepping in, the pilot had started to plan an emergency landing at the nearest airport which would have been John F Kennedy in New York.

“I went and introduced myself, explained that I was a paramedic and then took my seat again. A few moments later, I was asked to help.

“Straight away I identified that the woman was not breathing, and with the help of her husband and the cabin crew, lay her down in the aisle where I managed to clear her airway.

“I gave her some oxygen and monitored her vitals using the kit we had available. Eventually, she regained consciousness.”

Tour operators Thomas Cook have since written to Jason by way of thank you.

Chief executive Christoph Debus wrote: “The medical assistance you provided to our customer was crucial and we are very grateful for your expertise.

“I am sure the person involved and their family are really thankful for your support and kindness in this difficult situation.”

The Welsh Ambulance Service’s Patient Experience and Community Involvement Team have just launched a campaign to educate the public about what to do in a choking scenario.

Mr Williams said: “She was very embarrassed about what had just unfolded. I’m just glad I could be of help.”