A MOTHER is someone who is there in good times and the bad, as well as giving up her time to help others – without a thought for herself.

Sometimes our mums are taken for granted and all the things they do for us without thinking twice go unnoticed.

However, Journal readers have the chance to give something back to that special person in their lives by deciding who will be Mum of the Year 2018.

Mother-of-three Maria Price was last year's winner.

She was named as the Journal's mum of the year, just a few weeks after the death of her own mother Shelia who won the same award 15 years ago.

Maria was given a tour of the Journal's generous advertisers and was treated to a host of free goodies.

She was nominated by her daughter, Leanne Williams, for her selflessness and dedication to caring for her children. She admitted that the loss of her mum had been difficult and had dedicated her time and energy into looking after Ryan, 31, Leanne, 28 and Courtney, 20.

She said: "I had an absolutely lovely day. We absolutely loved the limo - by the end of it, we were just getting out the limo as if it was normal.

"It was just such a special day. I thought it might feel sad, with my mum winning it all those years ago, but they made it so relaxed. We had fun and we were in giggles."

Maria's daughter Leanne was born with a hole in her heart and needed open heart surgery when she was five years’ old. Her brother, Ryan, was diagnosed with type one diabetes and epilepsy, while sister Courtney suffered with a pulmonary embolism a couple of years ago, nearly losing her life.

This year's winning mum will be treated to a VIP day out courtesy of the Journal’s generous advertisers.

This is a wonderful chance to say thank you and to reward your mum. Whatever your story, we want to hear from you.

Send your entries to Tanya Goodwin, email tanya.goodwin@nwn.co.uk or telephone 01745 357515. Deadline for entries is March 16.