THE race for the Denbigh Golf Club winter league title has three weeks left - and it's anyone's guess who will come out on top!

Many have given their best, but the careful players who have held back will now take their chance.

A blanket could be thrown over the leading contenders as things stand.

David Clayton and Paul Smith are both at the head of the pile, with 43 points apiece.

This is two points ahead of the chasing Craig Stubbs, Robert A Williams and Fred Jones.

Andrew Maw claimed top spot in last week's spot of action with only 41 points.

This was a little less than the scores recorded over the winter and equally the runners are gaining points on lower scores, with the SCC being the lowest recorded.

Can the sprinters hold their position or will it be the marathon players who come to the fore once more?


Week 15 (116 players): Winner, Andrew Maw (15) 41pts. Silver: 1, Arwel W Jones (8) 38; 2, Bryn Jones (16) 38. Bronze: 1, Gwynn Jones (24) 38; 2, Paul Wynne (25) 37. Challenge hole (8th), Andrew Witton.