CLIMATE change has been a dominant force this winter at Denbigh Golf Club, mainly with so much rainfall.

The club has seen the most days lost to bad weather since the big freeze of 1962-63.

Besides the players, adverse weather also delays the greenstaff with their programme of work in preparation for the forthcoming season.

Three weeks remain of the winter league and Eric Howells has charged to the front, but he has lost three shots on his handicap!

Club chairman Fred Jones has paced himself again this year and is poised once again to claim the top spot.

Week 15: Winner, Eric G Howells (9) 40pts. Silver: 1, Chris Bamber (14) 39; 2, Scott Leonard (15) 39. Bronze: 1, Mike Hughes (19) 40; 2, Alwyn Jones (33) 39. Challenge hole (14th): Paul Smith and Kyle Morris.