A dog from Denbigh who was reported stolen last week has been found more than 80 miles away in Staffordshire.

Bracken, the 8-year-old Saluki, went missing from his home on January 6 after his owners had gone to work.

Footprints were found near the kennel, which had been opened, as well as in and out of the garden through an entrance they don't regularly use.

Jennifer McGuiness, his owner, posted in local Facebook groups and lost dog pages to see if anyone had seen or knew anything.

The posts were shared across the UK and even reached as far as Ireland.

In Staffordshire, a woman was able to identify a dog she had found roaming around using the posts as Bracken.

Katie Lock had seen a post on a local group in Staffordshire about a lurcher type dog running around and went to see if she could find him, and she did!

Bracken was covered in mud and difficult to see in the field, but she coaxed him out with treats and was able to bathe him and took photos of him to post to Facebook.

People then sent her Bracken's 'Stolen' poster and was able to ring Jennifer.

A microchip reader confirmed the dog was Bracken and Jennifer made the five-hour round trip with her daughter to get Bracken from near Enville and bring him home, having been away for five days.

Jennifer said: "I don't think it's sunk in yet that we've got him back.

"It looked like he'd been running around for a good day or two so we're still not sure whether he'd been dumped or not.

"He doesn't seem like he's upset about anything, not jumpy or nervous, he's honestly acting like he's never been away!"

Jennifer said the whole ordeal has been awful and added: "If he had just run away, we'd have seen him, and there would have been sighting of him. He's quite distinctive and he's a big dog and especially running through fields."

Denbighshire Free Press: Bracken, the 8-year-old Saluki from DenbighBracken, the 8-year-old Saluki from Denbigh

Jennifer has seen so much support on social media that without it, she may have not got Bracken back as quickly.

She said: "My mum said, 'you're very lucky you got him back and I said 'I know', I always knew in my heart that I would get him back but then as the days go on the niggling doubt sets in.

"I know it doesn't happen to most, but we've got the best result and he's back home."