Ruthin primestock sale - March 28

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 61 spring lambs to £206 / 533.3ppk, 2,654 prime hoggets to £150 / 341.5ppk and 400 ewes to £152.

Spring lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 61 new season lambs forward on the day to a fabulous trade and an overall average of 390ppk and an SQQ of 409ppk.

Top priced per head:

40kg at £206 by S L Jones, Bryn Pin.

37.5kg at £200 by S L Jones.

39kg at £192 by S L Jones.

Top priced per kilo:

37.5kg at 533.3p by S L Jones, Bryn Pin.

40kg at 515.0p by S L Jones.

35kg at 492.3p by S L Jones.

Prime hoggets (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A tally of 2,654 hoggs forward on the day with all weights and types still in very good demand, returning an SQQ of 273ppk.

Heavy lambs probably saw the best uplift in trade with 461 forward averaging 261ppk or £127 per head.

Sale yard average price on the day of £113 with many consignments hitting the 300ppk mark.

341.5ppk (41kg) by E S Davis & Son, Tan yr Allt.

331ppk (43.5kg) by J H Hockenhull & Son, Dairy House Farm.

329ppk (38kg) by Ty Isa Farm.

Top priced:

Lights (26.5kg) £86 by I A Jones, Ty Mawr.

Standards (38kg) £125 by Ty Isa Farm.

Mediums (45kg) £148 by D Ll Jones, 59 Mwrog Street.

Heavies (47.5kg) £143 by J H Hockenhull & Son, Dairy House Farm.

Overs (83kg) £150 by T H Roberts, Bachymbyd Bach.

Top priced per kilo:

Lights (26.5kg) 271.7ppk by B Ll Evans, Nant y Garreg.

Standards (38kg) 328.9ppk by Ty Isa.

Mediums (41kg) 341.5ppk by E S Davies & Son, Tan yr Allt Farm.

Heavies (46kg) 306.5ppk by Ty Isa Farm.

Overs (54kg) 259.3ppk by Nantclwyd Farms.

Lights to 271.7ppk, av 260.5ppk; Standards to 328.9ppk, av 268.5ppk; Mediums to 341.5.9ppk, av 276.8ppk; Heavies to 306.5ppk, av 261.4ppk; Overs to 259.3ppk, av 228.9ppk.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top price of £152 went to RW & OH Owen, Geirn for a Texel ewe.

Texel rams to £120; Beltex rams to £120; Aberfield rams to £120; Crossbred to £116; Mules to £110; Suffolk to £110; Bluefaced to £100; Aberfield to £94; Welsh to £70; Romney to £65; Cheviot to £64; Lleyn to £76.

Overall average £71.34.

Keep numbers coming to satisfy the strong demand every Tuesday and Friday.

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Ruthin primestock sale - March 24

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 1,780 prime hoggets to £147 / 320.5ppk, 270 ewes to £200 and two goats to £104.

Prime hoggets (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A tally of 4,980 prime hoggets and 1,045 cull ewes... plus two goats sold during week and another welcomed uplift in the trade.

A total of 1,741 prime hoggetts on the day for a very busy Friday and some well-travelled sheep once again. 

It was a very good trade and an SQQ of 259.8ppk was seen.

A tally of 4,741 lights were a cracking 254ppk, but the mediums were still the favourite weight with 482 at 267.1ppk.

Top priced:

Super lights (25kg) £58 by E Edwards, Jocelyn Terrace.

Lights (32kg) £85 by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa.

Standards (39kg) £125 by D C Hancock, Smithy Farm.

Mediums (45kg) £132 by D C Hancock, Smithy Farm.

Heavies (48kg) £140 by G W Jones, Nant Erw Haidd.

Overs (65kg) £147 by Mark Wholley, Green Park Farm.

Top priced:

Super lights (25kg) 232ppk by E Edwards, Jocelyn Terrace.

Lights (32kg) 265.6ppk by H L Griffiths, Ty Isa.

Standards (39kg) 320.5ppk by D C Hancock, Smithy Farm.

Mediums (40kg) 315.5ppk by AJE & C Thorley, Bark House Farm.

Heavies (48kg) 291.7ppk by G W Jones, Nant Erw Haidd.

Overs (56kg) 250ppk by G W Jones, Nant Erw Haidd.

Super lights to 232ppk, av 219.7ppk; Lights to 265.6ppk, av 254.1ppk; Standards to 320.5ppk, av 256.1ppk; Mediums to 291.7ppk, av 250.8ppk; Heavies to 291.7ppk, av 250.8ppk; Overs to 250ppk, av 224.6ppk.

Some cracking consignments of well fleshed Welsh lambs well rewarded with a justified trade.

Cull ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

On show were 270 cull ewes & rams, and two goats.

Top price went to Gareth Jones, Cae Coed with a pen of Texel ewes at £200.

Texel x ewe £132; Charollais to £170; Beltex to £128; Suffolk to £166; Texel to £200; Crossbred to £118; Lleyn trams to £78; Ryland to £72; Cheviot to £70; Welsh to £50; Welsh rams to £70; Blue Texel to £110; Aberfield to £81; Tal y Bont to £73.

Billy goat to £104; Nanny goat to £48. 

Less in after the big shows prior to Ramadan.

Leaner ewes presented, which were harder to sell.

Overall average £54.12.


Ruthin store & breeding sale - March 23

RUTHIN Farmers' Auction reports sales of 22 OTMs to £2,263.20 / 276ppk; 76 heifers to £1,405; 123 steers to £1,660; 121 stirks to £1,180; 49 calves to £400; 765 store lambs to £107; 66 breeding ewes to £156; 109 ewe & lamb couples to £208 and 50 pet lambs to £36.

Store cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A total of 339 store cattle forward on the day, all finding a new home by the evening.

A real mixed show of cattle, but someone was there for everything with a ringside full of buyers once again.

A tally of 76 heifers forward with an overall average of £1004.14.

Top price of £1,405 went to G Lloyd & Son, Bryn Golau selling a 22 month Lim.


28 month Lim £1390; 24 month Simmental £1290; 24 month British Blue £1290; 16 month British Blue £1240; 15 month Lim £1200; 20 month Hereford £1110; 14 month Charolais £1030; 13 month Stabiliser £950; 20 month Aberdeen Angus £1000; 27 month Welsh Black £800.

Meanwhile, there were 123 steers forward with an overall average of £1,112.11.

Top price of £1,660 went to MH & ME & G Williams, Ysgeibion Fawr, with a 22 month Charolais.


22 month Lim £1640; 22 month British Blue £1465; 16 month Aberdeen Angus £1420; 19 month Charolais £1400; 11 month Lim £1170; 13 month British Blue £1390; 10 month Lim £1380; 21 month Welsh Black £1100; 20 month British Friesian £1000; 16 month Holstein Friesian £980; 24 month Devonshire Red £890; 10 month Stabilliser £900; 17 month Simmental £1330; 12 month Hereford £990.

A very different show of cattle on the day with a shedful of dairy cross cattle, but demand continued to outstrip supply and a flying trade on all types.

Barren cattle (auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Top price went to G & S Evans, Bryn Bras selling a 114 month Lim cow weighing 820kg to 276ppk, also achieving top price of £2263.20 with the same animal.

47 month Lim-480kg-260ppk; 40 month Lim-460kg-253ppk; 47 month Lim-520kg-244ppk; 57 month Lim-630kg-240ppk; 34 month Lim-640kg-232ppk; 47 month Lim-500kg-232ppk; 58 month Lim-430kg-229ppk; 44 month WB-650kg-222ppk; 42 month Lim-470kg-220ppk; 95 month WB-645kg-218ppk; 187 month Lim-725kg-210ppk; 43 month Lim-480kg-208ppk; 107 month Lim-620kg-200ppk; 34 month Lim-450kg-198ppk; 94 month Satabiliser-600kg-196ppk.

Overall average 215ppk / £1,226.57.

Calves (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Numbers in short supply, with more required.

All travelled buyers commented on how dear the Ruthin calf trade was.

Top price went to Jones & Co, Wenallt, selling a Lim heifer calf to £400.


BB heifer to £325; Lim bull to £365; Lim heifer to £320.

Weanlings (auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Great numbers once again.

Weanling trade remains strong with plenty of buyers for everything.

Top price went to RG Owen & Co, Foel Gadeiriau, selling a 10 month Lim to £1,180.


8 month Char bullock £1025; 9 month Char heifer £1105; 8 month BB bulls £715; 6 month Lim bulls £705; 8 month Hereford bulls £595; 10 month Saler bulls £805.

Dairy bred:

8 month Hereford bullocks £860; 8 month BB bullock £750; 7 month Lim heifers £705; 9 month BB heifers £630; 9 month Hereford heifers £535; 6 month Aberdeen Angus bullocks £640; 6 month Hereford bullocks £560; 8 month Holstein Friesian bullock £400.

Store lambs (auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Top price of £107 went to J Jones, The Bothy with their crossbred lambs.
Texel ram lambs to £106; Texel ewes lambs to £92; Mule ewe lambs to £97; Welsh ram lambs to £74; Beltex ram lambs to £96; Cheviot ram lambs to £89.

Overall average £61.47.

In-lamb ewes (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A good trade on the in-lamb ewes, with mixed ages forward.

Texel to £156; Crosssbred to £130.

Ewe & lamb couples (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A good entry of couples with more expected every week.


Lleyn to £208; Welsh to £128; Halfbred to £132; Texel to £120; Mule to £160; Aberfield to £154; Cheviot to £119.

Overall average £125.29 / £41.76 a life.


Lleyn to £160; Welsh to £134; Texel to £155; Crossbred to £118; Mule to £148; Aberfield to £110.

Overall average £131.66 / £65.83 a life.

Twins & singles overall average £129.20. 

Pet lambs (auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Pet lambs ranged from £4 to £36.