A COLOURFUL community initiative has been the target of vandals.

Denbigh in Bloom fears its entry into this year's Wales in Bloom competition could be in jeopardy after work it has carried out in Temple Bar Gardens was vandalised.

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Denbigh in Bloom has informed North Wales Police and Denbighshire County Council of what occurred.

Denbigh in Bloom chair Lyndsey Tasker said: "It's so incredibly upsetting and disappointing when certain individuals from our community carry out these mindless acts of unnecessary vandalism.

"Especially in the knowledge that local volunteers give so much of their own time in order to keep these gardens looking so clean, tidy and beautiful for their community to use and enjoy.

"This particular area is on Denbigh in Bloom's 'Wales in Bloom' judging route in July, which is not that far away.

"Such idiotic behaviour could jeopardise not only people's safety, but also our entry into this year's competition."

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Later this year, Denbigh will be the host town for the 2023 Wales in Bloom awards.

The awards will take place on September 8.

"Over 100 people from all over Wales will come to our town to see why we've been awarded gold and won best town in Wales for three consecutive years," added Lyndsey.

"We had planned guided tours by volunteers of this project as it is such an amazing garden, kept beautifully by those volunteers who dedicate many hours working within it.

"Someone knows who did this, and we need to their help (anonymously if preferred) to ensure those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

"This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated within our community."

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: “We have been made aware of the damage to the gardens.

"Our maintenance teams regularly visit the gardens to carry out work and we would encourage anyone to report incidents of anti-social behaviour at the site to North Wales Police.”