AN 81-year-old bear that survived WWII and an unfortunate episode in a washing machine was revived by the Ruthin Repair Café.

The bear was brought in by his life-long companion Edward Arlloyd for urgent repairs. 

Edward received the bear as a young child and the two spent the first years of their lives in Church House, Ruthin. 

Edward Arlloyd’s father was in the Royal Engineers and spent a lot of time away from home, including being part of the D-Day landing. 

The bear meant the world to Edward and has been a constant companion for 81 years, although the bear did spend a few years alone in the attic.  

After all that time, the bear was a little worse for wear with some problems under his collar.  

Edward thought to remedy the grime by putting him in the washing machine but his wood shaving stuffing clumped together, giving the bear an unfetching, lumpy look. 

Fortunately, Sylvia Coles, one of Ruthin Repair Café’s volunteers, was on hand to help. 

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She gave the bear new polyester stuffing and repaired his four poorly paws, and while removing the stuffing Sylvia found an old bandage that had been placed into one of the bear’s arms.

Sylvia said: “It’s good to give the bear a new lease of life and bring him back to his handsome self."

Edward was absolutely delighted by the repairs to his treasured bear, and even bought Sylvia a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates to say thank you.   

Edward said: “I can’t thank Sylvia enough - it’s made my day.

“Eventually, I will pass the bear on to my daughter and I’ve given her instructions to sell it one day and give the money to a children’s hospital.”

Ruthin Repair café is on the first Saturday of every month from 10am–1pm (last bookings 12.30pm) at the Naylor Leyland Centre.