TWO North Wales glider pilots who attempted to break a record in wake of Storm Agnus are raising funds for a documentary.

Chris Gill and Simon Grice, of Denbigh Gliding Club, are on a quest to "shatter" the UK distance record for high altitude gliding.

Sadly they didn't achieve their ambition earlier this year - to break the UK distance record by gliding more than 1109km. 

The duo set off on September 28, got to 15,000 feet and encountered some high level cloud [not forecasted]. Simon believes this was caused by the wildfires in Canada.

Simon said: "We had a good go and it was amazing. We will be looking to go again as soon as weather permits."

Simon and Chris are founders of the PIONEERS project. This will tell the story of high altitude gliding in North Wales, the UK and globally.

A statement into the project said: "Their daring attempt, emanating from the picturesque Denbigh Gliding in North Wales, isn't just a pursuit of personal glory; it's a journey that seeks to inspire and revolutionize the world of gliding.

"The PIONEERS project transcends the boundaries of a typical adventure. It's a testament to the pioneering spirit embedded in the heart of North Wales. This ambitious endeavour aims to capture the essence of high altitude gliding through a captivating documentary, showcasing not only the breathtaking landscapes of North Wales but also the indomitable spirit of its people.

"Gill and Grice, with their roots deeply anchored in North Wales, carry the community's spirit and aspirations in their wings. Their story is not just about setting records; it's about pushing the limits of what's possible in the realm of gliding. This record attempt, targeting a distance beyond 1109km in a single flight, is poised to etch the names of these local heroes in the annals of aviation history.

"The documentary, backed by the cutting-edge production expertise of Video AND TV Limited under the guidance of Alan Howard, will offer an unprecedented glimpse into the world of high altitude gliding. From the meticulous planning to the adrenaline-fueled execution, every aspect of this daring feat will be captured in stunning detail.


"The film will not only spotlight the record attempt but will also delve into the rich history and promising future of gliding."

Money is being raised for the project. Supporters can contribute via a Kickstarter campaign. Click here to get involved.

It is hoped a minimum of £7,500 (plus admin costs) can be raised to invest in the production. Filming is set to start in January 2024, subject to the level of funding secured. Filming for the documentary should be done by April 2021 and the final production should be ready for June 2024.