AMBER Davies’s mum has revealed that learning a new skill has been a "massive challenge" for her daughter.

Amber, of Denbigh, is currently competing on ITV's Dancing on Ice. The former St Asaph Ysgol Glan Clwyd pupil made her debut on the show on January 14. She was first to be saved from the skate off.

She will next appear on the ice on Sunday, January 28. Amber will be channelling Barbie by wearing a blonde wig.

Mum Susan, who was in the audience with her mum Jeanette Griffiths at the purpose-built rink at Bovingdon Airfield near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, on Sunday, January 14 said: "Learning a new skill has been a massive challenge for Amber but she really really loves it. She would love to do the Bolero. It would be amazing if she got to do that.

"We will be going again, I will be going again with my mum. We have got opportunities as long as she stays in!"

The 27-year-old West End star is currently "completely focused" on Dancing on Ice. She is taking four weeks off the 12-month Pretty Woman tour where she plays leads Vivian Ward.

Talking about the amount of support her daughter has received, Susan said: "It has been unbelievable. She has worked hard to get where she is.

"Simon Proulx-Sénécal [her pro-skating partner] had to follow her around the country so they could practice. He is French Canadian so he is over specifically to do this show. He has been to Glasgow, to Bristol, to Oxford with Amber. He has had opportunity to see some of the UK. He has been so patient.


"Amber has never has really ice skated because me and her dad never really allowed them [Amber and her sister Jade] to go anywhere. Because they were dancing, we never really allowed them to do anything like that as we knew they wanted to pursue it as a career. 

"When she came out of Love Island, they did an outdoor ice skating rink in Mold and that is the last time she went. She skated with a penguin! 

"She said Ice Skating it is an amazing sport, activity. You don't think about anything else when you are on that ice. She said it is amazing how mindful you become - you just are enjoying that moment."